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MDX-20 & MDX-15 Features
Affordable Desktop 3D Scanning & CNC Milling

Major Features 

Fast turnaround - Use the MDX-20/15 to quickly check your designs or for trial 
production of parts and molds.
Precision operation - Scan at up to 0.05 mm (0.002'') resolution; mill at 0.00625 mm (0.00024'') / step.
Easy to use - Simple controls allow anyone to begin working without training.
Compatibility - The MDX-20/15 is compatible with a wide variety of popular 3D CAD 
software programs and supports industry standard file formats, 
including STL,IGES, and DXF.
Compact size - Fits on your desktop.

Easy-to-Use, Compact Design

The MDX-20/15's stylish good looks and compact size make it an attractive addition to your desktop. Yet, it is also a very powerful performer, one that is surprisingly easy to use, even for first time users. Just plug it in to your computer as you would a desktop printer with an RS-232C cable. By following the simple instructions included in PDF format, even a beginner can be scanning and milling in minutes.   

3D Scanning & Milling in One

The MDX-20/15 is the culmination of over ten years of innovative product development in scanning and milling by Roland engineers. Utilizing innovative Roland Active Piezo Sensor (R.A.P.S.) technology, the MDX-20/15 is a precision 3D scanner, capable of scanning objects at 4 to 15 mm per second with a resolution of up to 0.05 mm (0.002"). Selecting the sensor unit with the spindle turns the MDX-20/15 into a powerful CNC mill capable of cutting light metals, including aluminum and brass.

Choose from Two Models

MDX-20  Maximum work area: 
203.2mm(X) x 152.4mm (Y) x 60.5mm (Z)
8 in. (X) x 6 in. (Y) x 2-3/8 in. (Z)


Maximum work area: 
152.4 mm (X) x 101.6 mm (Y) x 60.5 mm (Z)
6 in. (X) x 4 in. (Y) x 2-3/8 in. (Z)

Compatible with Popular 3D Software

Adding to its functionality, the MDX-20/15 works with a variety of popular 3D CAD and computer graphics software programs, including SolidWorks , Rhinoceros , VectorWorks , LightWave , VisualMill and 3d Studio Max, allowing you to design in the program you're most comfortable with.

Applications Software Included
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  The MDX-20/15 comes standard with powerful application software compatible with Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000, making it easy to use right out of the box. 

MODELA Player is a numeric control software application that allows importing of 3D files from most popular computer graphics and CAD applications. Included with MODELA Player are libraries of various tool diameters and shapes with their pre-determined cutting speeds and depths. MODELA Player facilitates uniform 3D scaling, selection of milling direction and automatic generation and display of the tool path.

Virtual MODELA provides a quick preview of the entire milling operation. This powerful feature eliminates milling errors, enables simulation of finished shapes and estimates production time. 

Dr. PICZA Scanning Software features a dynamic graphic display and diverse editing functions. Dr. PICZA features control functions such as scan pitch and area settings, plus numerous editing functions including a handy convex/concave inversion function for making molds, a mirror function for creating symmetric data, a tilt adjustment function, curve smoothing, and a function for adjusting the height of surfaces. A preview function lets you check the image from any angle using a wide frame. You can even display color and texture renderings. PICZA scanning data can be stored in its original format, or exported in DXF, IGES, VRML, or as Point Cloud data (ASCII).


  The advantages of physical models are many, including the ability to check fit, weight, and center of gravity, etc., and then make changes as necessary. With the MDX-20/15's spindle unit installed, you're ready to transform your ideas into reality. A variety of tools can be used, including straight-end mills or cutters for rough cuts and square edges, or ball-end mills for finishing. The MDX-20/15 mills ABS, acrylic, woods, plaster, styrene foam, chemical wood, modeling wax, and light metals such as aluminum and brass. 

MODELA Player quickly imports your design and prepares for milling. To begin, set the model's scale and milling direction from the tool and material libraries in the software. Next, select the size and type of materials to be milled. MODELA Player automatically sets the best milling parameters based on the materials you choose. Then click start. That's all there is to it. Your ideas are quickly transformed into reality, whether mockups, prototypes, molds, or small lot production of finished parts.


  The MDX-20/15 is ideal for reverse engineering. Before beginning your designs, you can use the MDX-20/15 to scan and digitize data from an existing part or mold for your CAD drawings. Due to the precision of its Roland Active Piezo Sensor (R.A.P.S.) technology, the MDX scans a wide range of objects, including soft objects like clay and fruit, etc., that conventional contact scanners can't. It can even scan glass or acrylic - an impossibility with optical scanners because their light beams pass through the material.

To begin scanning, simply install the sensor unit on the device. Open the Dr. Picza software which controls processing, define the scan area and select the level of resolution you would like - from 5.00 mm up to 0.05 mm. Click "Scan" and the MDX-20/15 goes to work. For fine detail areas, you can rescan at a higher resolution. The MDX-20/15 automatically combines two or more scans.

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