3D Wax Mill Specifications


Roughing pass of a 3 Stone Engagement ring on the 3D Wax Mill Rotary.
See More Videos of the 3D Wax Mill in action here.

The price of the complete Jewelry 
        CAD CAM system by 3D WAX MILL 
Only $4900.00*

The 3D Wax Mill Jewelry CAD CAM Solution includes, the Roland MDX-15 mill, touch probe scanner, a Video training CD that will, step by step instruct you in the basic use of the bundled programs, the 3D Wax Mill Rotary attachment, 8 micro carbide end mills, customized milling parameters for milling Jewelry, Sample designs, and membership to our private forum "The 3D Waxmillers Club".

 End Mill package $155.00

Carbide 2 flute square end mills in these sizes.
.005 .008 .010 .015
.020 .025 .040 .060

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 XY table size milling area  6-11/16"(X). x 4-5/16"(Y) (170 x 110mm)
 Max operation area  6"(X) x 4"(Y) x 2-3/8"(Z) (152.4 x 101.6 x 60.5 mm)
 Max table load weight  500g (1.1 lb.)
 Interface  Serial (RS-232C)
 Control keys  Standby key, View key, Tool-Up key, Tool-Down key,
 LED  Scanning Mode LED, Modeling Mode LED, View LED
 Power consumption  Exclusive AC adapter (DC+19V 2.1 A)
 Acoustic noise level  Standby mode : under 35dB (A) Operation mode (not cutting) : under 70dB (A) (According to ISO 7779)
 External dimensions.  16-13/16"(W) x 11-1/16"(D)x 12-1/16"(H)
 Weight (unit only)  9.6 kg (21.2 lb.)
 Operation temperature  5-40